Bittersweet Update

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So the past month and a half as been absolutely chaotic for me, Kai has been oblivious to it all. Her main objective is to bask in all the beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with as of late. Understandable. While immersing myself completely in setting up my business here, I noticed that I haven’t heard from the Consulate in NYC about picking up our visas. “No worries”, I thought, “I’m sure they’ll contact me soon enough..” Well one week turned into two turned into four turned into six, and still no word on the visas nearly 2 months after the visa interview. I was finally able to get in touch with the kind guy that interviewed me and he told me simply, “It’s August in France, you won’t get your visas for a while.” -dramatic music- There’s really nothing I can say at that point. The French Administration has left the building… for six weeks! Funnily enough, whenever I brought up the topic with my French friends, they all just gave me “that” look, that reads, “Well yea, it’s August. Duh!”

So Kai and I are heading back to the States for a little while as she completes a semester at her old school and I figure this all out. I don’t have the heart to take her out of school as we wait for the visas to arrive. An impasse if ever I saw one! At first I was depressed that things weren’t working out the way I imagined it would, but as days pass, I’m accepting it better. So what if I have to return.. It will only be for a few months, if that. Plus, Halloween, Thanksgiving in the States, which aren’t really celebrated out here…(These are things I tell myself to ease the blow) Sometimes it works.

French Administration:1
Marjorie: Zed!

Oh France, just let me love you!

Week 1 :: Paris in Pictures

We’ve officially moved to Paris, France and have been here for a little over a week but it already feel as if it’s been months! But what a week it’s been! Aside from celebrating our first Bastille Day in France, Kai and I have met many friends, some old, some new. A few days after arriving we met with Karine, Erich and Amy. Then with Yanique, Pierre and a few new friends, Kasia and Mirjam!

Yesterday we ventured out to explore more of our new neighborhood. We were invited to Salsa on the Seine where Kai showed people all of her moves. After salsa, we made our way to Champs de Mars for “le feu d’artifice” or more simply, fireworks! Needless to say, after all the running around we did yesterday, today was used for recuperation..

Here’s our Paris in Pictures:

Salsa-ing on the Seine

Jardin des Plantes

le feu d’artifice!

It’s amazing that we can call this place home in addition to New York!

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Move :: PARIS!

I’ve been gone for a while but for a good reason, honestly. First, I’m officially an alumni of Parsons: The New School for Design, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography! Excuse as I let off a hearty “WHOOOP!” It feels gratifying, actually being done with something I worked so hard at. The doctor that I work with asked me what can I do with a BFA that I couldn’t do before and I responded, “Absolutely nothing!” I attended Parsons as a way to challenge myself and what I gained in return has been insurmontable to anything I could have imagined! The opportunity to shoot at NYFW 2013, getting published twice, having my work displayed at Milk Gallery and the connections I made, these are the reasons I feel like a winner. Of course I’ve become a better photographer through it all but that was like an added bonus. Could any of this have happened without Parsons? Definitely! Could it have happened for someone like me who could sometimes become crippled by social anxiety and heads for the hills whenever social events are even muttered? Probably not in this decade! I did what worked best for me and it was worth way more than the couple of hundred thousand spent on tuition. OUCH! (Thank heaven for scholarships.)

I know, you’re probably thinking, “that’s not a good enough reason for you to abandon a blog for over 6 months” but for the past year or so I’ve been preparing for one of the biggest decisions of my life. I’m proud to announce that the Kid and I are moving to -drumroll- PARIS! Which should come as no surprise because Kai and I couldn’t get enough and after our last trip, I spent months upon months buried deep in research and preparation planning. So here I am, not even a month out of Parsons and planning on altering our lives, hopefully for the better.

We leave on a red eye, 4th of July at 11:55pm. If I said I wasn’t scared and anxious, I’d be the biggest liar on East Coast. But I think we’re ready for a challenge and a change.

It won’t be easy, but things that are worth it usually aren’t. And according to Audrey Hepburn, “Paris is always a good idea.”

Vive La France!

Bonne Année!

Happy New Year from Kai and I!

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